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The Production and Exploration in Mexico

The Production and Exploration in Mexico


The importance of having a reliable supplier in the Exploration and Production industry

The Energy Reform allowed competition in the fuel market and PEMEX, which for more than 80 years guaranteed the supply of fuels, now shares responsibility with private companies participating in the market. Such is the case of OILFIELD GROUP (OFG), a company specialized in providing Integral Solutions in Energy Security.

The free commercialization of fuels allows companies like OILFIELD GROUP to import refined products directly from a cluster of refineries in the south of Texas and sell it through their own brands at service stations or to any sector that consumes oil. This has represented a significant increase in the import of fuel of American origin, which, prior to its sale for final consumption, will need to be stored or supplied to customers under the “Just in Time” scheme, that is, with logistics that allow delivery just when needed, like the one offered by OILFIELD GROUP.

At the same time, the increase in hydrocarbon production derived from the exploration and extraction activities in Mexico, carried out by the companies that won the bidding rounds and Farmouts, such as Cheiron, Diabaz, Deutsche Erdoel Mexico, Tecpetrol, Petrofac or service companies, like Perforadora Latina or Cotemar, to name a few, need to have storage facilities close to their production sites. In addition, they will require the supply of high volumes of fuel, mainly diesel, in order to supply their assets dedicated to exploring and producing the so-called black gold, such as platforms, jack ups, rigs, boats, barges, etc. Source: NRGI Broker, Diesel Storage.

For this reason, it’s necessary to have a reliable, serious fuel supplier that offers traceability in the product from origin to destination, that certifies purity in the product and that guarantees the supply at the agreed times. A specific example is that of a drilling platform for whom it is extremely important to have superior fuel that support the level of quality required, without compromising the life of the asset.

The use of poor quality or adulterated fuel can cause serious engine damage. The consequences will depend on the time of use, as well as the degradation suffered by the fuel. It is important to remember that this type of equipment work at full capacity during long periods of time; The more complex and modern the engine, the greater its vulnerability to mixed or poor quality fuels. Given this, irreversible damage could be caused to current equipment, that can take a platform out of operation, resulting in unimaginable losses and affecting oil production; thus incurring in excessive expenses for the company.

Unfortunately, there are no devices that quickly allow to analyze the quality of the fuel, therefore, a customer’s best guarantee is to have a supplier like Oilfield that can adhere 100% to regulations, supply the product as it is obtained from the refinery (without intermediaries or mixtures). A company that can deliver with its own fleet and units dedicated exclusively and entirely to the consumer. Other offers that are not supported by solid arguments are offers that do not deserve a customer’s trust.

Oilfield Group represents trust, supply guarantee and storage tailored for the client.

Article written by Juan Pablo Peresandi G.

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