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Construction industry

CEESCO 2019 forecasts* reflect a growth in the Construction Industry from 2.0% to 2.5%

*(Centro de Estudios Económicos del Sector de la Construcción)

The construction industry in Mexico plays a critical role in the development of our country, both in its culture and in the economic field, this because the infrastructure needs of most of the economic and social activities of a nation are satisfied through this industry.

Despite the multiple challenges presented at the beginning of this year, during the first four months of 2019 the production value of construction companies nationwide accumulated 170 thousand 083 million Mexican pesos.

Challenges of the Construction Industry in Mexico

With the entry of the new administration, it’s necessary that the actors involved in the development of public policies begin to work collectively to give the necessary strength to the development of the infrastructure that our country needs.

In order to reach the growth rates that the construction industry requires, it’s necessary to promote greater local and foreign investment, particularly in the construction of civil engineering or heavy works.

The reactivation of Public Work projects must be supported by proper medium and long term planning, with the review of external and internal variables that may alter the execution of projects.

Source: CMIC – Situation and Perspectives of the Construction Industry in Mexico for 2019

Among the materials with the highest cost increase between 2017-2018 is gasoline (18.81%) and diesel (19.24%).

Mexican Construction Magazine RMC 638 March-April 2019

Trigger the productive activity of the Construction Industry, to propel public works

11.32% annualized increase in the cost of construction materials

Source: CMIC – Trend in the Prices of the Inputs for the Construction Industry

Assure the planning, integration, and technical/financial evaluation of a unique portfolio of projects that push the sector forward

Work machinery rental cost increase

Decrease of public resources for infrastructure development

Fuel Use in the Construction Industry

The industry uses light machinery, semi-heavy machinery and heavy machinery for various activities:

1. Excavation
2. Load
3. Hauling and transport
4. Compaction
5. Paving
6. Drilling
7. Foundation
8. Assembly
9. Demolition

Some equipment consume gasoline (dancer, scrambler, vibrator) and others Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (heavy machinery, etc.).

How to optimize my investment in fuels, in such a dynamic market as this one?

Oilfield Group Services for the Construction Industry

The dynamism of this sector demands that suppliers (of raw materials and different products or services critical to the industry) attend the necessities of the marketplace in a comprehensive way. Among the main required products are fuels that generate the necessary energy to carry out the different construction, engineering and general project advancement processes.

Oilfield Group, through its Integral Solutions in Energy Security, offers fuel supply services (gasoline and diesel), delivery logistics in your work or project, storage solutions (fixed or mobile) and control in fuel dispatch and consumption.

Improves the efficiency of your operation by keeping your fuel levels at the optimum level:

  1. Avoid incurring additional costs by having to purchase spot fuels based on an emergency manner.

  1. Increase your days of “Fuel Reserve”, which favors having optimal inventory levels before any imponderable.

  1. Data generation about your consumption, trends or seasonality in multiple sites, for proper purchase decision making and consumption control.

Unique value proposition

Integral Energy Security Solutions

Target Sectors:

Auto-consumption companies  Big or medium companies with a high dependency on fuel to carry their operations.

Our Trading Experts Identify product opportunities in the different markets worldwide, including Mexico`s Pemex. Molecule supply based on customer requirements.

Our experts design the best delivery logistic to maximize efficiency in cost and time. We can structure solutions with multiplatform carriers: ship, railroad, trucks, etc. 

We develop and manage your Energy Security infrastructure with no initial investment: molecule, supply, transportation, storage and distribution.

Our technology includes all the components of fuel management, telematics and fleet management to improve cost efficiency and security.