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Guaranteed fuel supply.

Oilfield Group offers an integrated, end-to-end solution, in which our products have a quality, volume and delivery guarantee. In addition, thanks to a previous analysis of customer needs, requirements and provisions, we carry out the delivery of the “last mile”, in different tank truck configurations that allow a reduction of the distribution cost, reaching practically any point where our customers need fuel.

We focus on:

* Effective fuel transportation

*Secure delivery from our distribution nodes to your facilities

*Deliveries on land and / or sea with the required frequency and quality

Our types of transport:

  • 9-axle articulated heavy vehicle, with up to 60 thousand liter capacity.
  • 6-axle simple heavy trailer, with up to 40 thousand liter capacity.
  • Simple 5-axle trailer, with up to 30 thousand liter capacity.
  • Non-articulated 3-axle tank truck, with up to 20 thousand liter capacity. This model is the only one allowed to circulate in urban areas. 
Main features of our fuel control technology

– Real-time use and availability statistics that generate information that facilitates strategic decision making

– Accurate measurement and monitoring of fuel consumption used in customer’s operation

– Optimum inventory management

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