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Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Industry

Mexico is the world leader in government tender and contract administration transparency for the oil and gas sector, according to the report “Open Contracting for Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights: Shining a Light on Good Practices”.

*Annual Report 2018 CNH:

The efficient hydrocarbon exploration and extraction represent an important economic development opportunity for Mexico. With the recent discovery of new oil reserves in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, the National Gas and Oil, Exploration and Production Plan, Chapter Ixachi, which will have a production capacity of up to 80 thousand barrels of oil per day. By 2024, this administration seeks to achieve a production of approximately 2 million 200 thousand barrels.

Challenges of the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Industry

Thanks to an initiative promoted by international trade-agreements for environmental care, today some countries already use solar, wind, bioenergy and hydroelectric energy to obtain their electricity. However, hydrocarbons remain the main source of energy worldwide, as oil, coal and natural gas provide more than 85% of global energy consumption. This large percentage proves, without a doubt, that the current energetic system still depends on fossil fuels despite the growing interest in renewable energy.


57.6% of the foreign investment in Mexico for oil and gas extraction comes from the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom

Increase oil and gas production levels

Develop potential in deep and ultra-deep waters, extra heavy oil fields and non-conventional reservoirs

Increase the reserve replacement ratio

Increase coordination between the national and international oil industrial sector

Guarantee fuel supply to prevent the interruption of operations

Fuel use in the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Industry

The Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction industry has one of the highest demands on fuel (gasoline, diesel or fuel oil) in Mexico, so that it can operate without interruptions or complications. Its main use is for:

1. Heat and steam generation in auxiliary service plants

2. Transportation services

3. Electricity generation

4. Energy generation for land rigs and marine drilling platforms


5. Diesel Oil Muds

How to optimize my energy investment in a dynamic industry such as this?

Oilfield Group Services for the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Extraction Industry

For the first time in Mexico, important outcomes are being seen as a result of the involvement of private companies in the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production processes. During 2019, three contracts of Round Two of Round One, registered 2P reserves of oil for thousand 043 million barrels. This means that the oil reserves of five exploration and production contracts, result of the bid rounds, showed an increase compared to the estimate at the time of their award, according to data from the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH).

With these historical results, operators and service providers in the different nationwide developing blocks will have a growing demand for fuels, as a result of the increase of activity in the extraction and production process. The challenges facing this industry are many, because of the remoteness and complexity of the access to the drilling and production fields where raw materials are needed. This tests the ability of any supplier to meet the critical and relevant task of delivering supplies to these work areas.

Oilfield Group, through its Integral Energy Security Solutions product, offers a real, reliable, creative, adaptable and cost-efficient service to meet the growing demand of fuels in the oil in the different extraction and production blocks. Our solutions ensure the delivery of fuel, the improvement in storage infrastructure and the implementation of controls for remote fuel consumption, with the possibility of optimizing consumption and reducing fuel loss and theft.

Oilfield Group supplies fuel for our clients’ operations, both on land, in shallow and deep water operations through our own fleet of tankers or through boats and barges hired for this purpose. We arrive at our client’s site with the highest quality product that ensures the optimal operation of the machinery in the different rigs or marine platforms.

Unique value proposition

Integral Energy Security Solutions

Target Sectors:

Auto-consumption companies  Big or medium companies with a high dependency on fuel to carry their operations.

Our Trading Experts Identify product opportunities in the different markets worldwide, including Mexico`s Pemex. Molecule supply based on customer requirements.

Our experts design the best delivery logistic to maximize efficiency in cost and time. We can structure solutions with multiplatform carriers: ship, railroad, trucks, etc. 

We develop and manage your Energy Security infrastructure with no initial investment: molecule, supply, transportation, storage and distribution.

Our technology includes all the components of fuel management, telematics and fleet management to improve cost efficiency and security.