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Fuel control: volumetrics and telematics

Oilfield Group improves the profitability and safety of the product, through a volumetric and telematic control that monitors the flow of fuel along the chain of users and delivery points in the operation of our customers.

Our technology includes all the necessary components for the management of the molecule and truck-fleets to optimize costs.

The main goal is to obtain detailed information that allows this data to be optimized, this translates into better purchases, control points, identify product seasonality, and thus avoid economic losses due to fuel theft among other financial and operational advantages.

Logistics not only involves planning, it also has to do with technology and staff training; information technologies can help achieve a better and safer distribution of fuel. ”

Bárbara Gaxiola – Logistic summit&expo

The fuel control is carried out from the moment the tank truck leaves any of our many distribution nodes, until we deliver the product to the customer’s premises. Our fuel control software and hardware allows fuel monitoring by:

Supply point
Main features of our fuel control technology

– Real-time use and availability statistics that generate information that facilitates strategic decision making

– Accurate measurement and monitoring of fuel consumption used in customer’s operation

– Optimum inventory management

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